The story behind the development of the
Electrified Cover Safeguard


  The Electrified Cover Safeguard is the patented warning concept and technology which produces a visual and/or an audible warning to alert the public, workers, and pets whenever a manhole cover, street lamp or utility box becomes dangerously electrified. These warnings also assist utilities and municipalities to quickly locate and repair dangerous electrified manhole covers, utility boxes and light poles.

  The development of the Electrified Cover Safeguard from concept to working product, presented a wide variety of technical hurdles that needed to be overcome. The nature of the problems varied, depending where the technology was employed. Some the key issues included:

  1. How to construct the Electrified Cover Safeguard so that it is virtually indestructible so that it could provide years and years of effective service, attached to a manhole cover or flange, and yet continue to survive and operate efficiently after enduring the rain, snow, salt, being run over by heavy vehicles, hit by snow plows and being effective, even if it is under water in a puddle or a snow covering.

  2. How to self power the Electrified Cover Safeguard, for years and years of effective, reliable use?

  3. How to ground the Electrified Cover Safeguard, in all environments, including cement encasements (cement offers a very poor ground), on top of plastic insulated poles or attached to pole protected by insulation material or paint, and many other environments.

  4. How to prevent the Electrified Cover Safeguard from providing false positive warnings.

  5. In the case of manhole cover and manhole flange mounted Electrified Cover Safeguard, how to prevent people from tripping over them, while crossing the street.

  All of these and many other issues had to be overcome. It was found that many engineering and science books were not completely accurate, when it came to proper grounding, and in reality, only provided a rough overview of grounding principles. All of the problems had to be overcome through extensive research, trail and error and testing and retesting and with the development of special materials and special techniques in order for the system to be quickly and effectively installed, and yet be competitively priced.

  We consider some of the solutions and certain special materials that were developed, as well as certain combinations of materials to be trade secrets, but certain basic developments are obvious and thus it is possible to go over them with the reader.

  Please review the photographs to better understand, some of the issues that had to be overcome.

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Stray voltage warning technique and system, which alerts the public and workers when a manhole, light pole or utility box is accidentally electrified.

















The Electrified Cover Safeguard is the only effective stray voltage
 and contact voltage detection and warning system.

ecsB035.JPG ecsB018.JPG IM032786.JPG ecsB014.JPG

A variety of plastics and polymers were experimented with but most proved to be ineffective over time.

Manholes are often almost completely filled with a spaghetti of cables, making certain types of grounding very difficult. Further, if the Electrified Cover Safeguard is mounted to the manhole cover, the cover may damage the device, when it is pried open by the utility worker, in order to service the electric grid.

The Electrified Cover Safeguard is ideal for use inside and incorporated into a smart lighting system. Many cobra head lights are made of an insulated material, such as plastic, or the actual pole is made of plastic. This presents a difficult grounding situation. Special alloys and techniques had to be developed in order for the Electrified Cover Safeguard warning technology to effectively work and provide accurate readings.

The Electrified Cover Safeguard unit that was designed to retrofit existing older lamp poles had to be extremely durable and thus the electronics are encapsulated in a plastic material, and this in turn is installed into a heavy metal sleeve.






Custom electronics and underlying software, had to be developed.

The Electrified Cover Safeguard designed to be attached to manhole cover flanges and utility vaults posed special problems. This unit creates a sound, flashing bright light and communicates to the central office. It had to operate in puddles of water, snow and endure being hit and run over by heavy vehicles and trucks. Further, it had to last and provide reliable service for years and years and be self powered! Many different methods were tried and experimented with.





This is a simpler unit designed to either make a sound or flash a light. The housing is made out of nickel-steel., while the electronics are encapsulated completely.


Various grounding plates consisting of a variety of alloys and materials were experimented with.





Another variety of ultra durable Electrified Cover Safeguard's were developed for use in a rail-road/subway, factory and farm type of environment.




Many different types of soil and environments had to be field tested, under all circumstances.




One method employed for particularly difficult grounding situations.

This unit was designed for rapid deployment, for use on certain types of manhole covers as well as certain types of gratings. It is far stronger than what may look like, from the photograph.






Electrified Cover Safeguard

Completely protected by United States patent.
The use of any visual or audible or combination stray voltage warning system and contact voltage warning system on a manhole or street lamp or other utility box is covered under the patent issued for the Electrified Cover Safeguard. This approved patent derives international protection and benefits from the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 and the earliest publication date as well as from an earlier provisional patent. United States Patent No. 7,283,055

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